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Princess Anne District

Princess Anne district serves every Virginia Beach community south of Interstate 264 and Knotts Island, NC.

Standing Meetings

Commissioner Meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd Joe Perry
Committee Meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd Tom Williams
Cub Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd
Boy Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd

Committee Directory

District News

Celebrate Those Who Keep Scouting Alive

Princess Anne will party on March 10 in honor of those Scouters who keep the Scouting programs alive and exciting.  Everyone is invited to tell the district selections committee who makes the difference.  Please complete the 2017 PA Awards Nomination Form and submit your nominations to the Scout Shop, attention the Princess Anne awards committee, or complete the fillable nomination form and email it to Dana.Mott@Scouting.org (please put PA nomination in the subject). Every unit is asked to name their “spark plug” for the committee. 

The nomination deadline is February 16.  Any nomination received after midnight, February 16 will not be considered.

Awards will be presented at the March 10 dinner (details forthcoming).  Every Scouter, Scout parent and friend of Scouting is invited to be at the dinner and celebrate.

Every Scout Makes a Difference

Troop 303 Scoutmaster, Gene Hoffman, National Chief Anthony Peluso, Scout Executive Bill Deany, Blue Heron Lodge Advisor Erich Roetz
National Service

On December 27th, 2017, Blue Heron member, Anthony Peluso, became the first Blue Heron Arrowman to serve as the National Chief. Anthony, a former Lodge Chief, has also served the Order of the Arrow as SR-7A Section Chief since April 2016, as a developer of the new National Leadership Seminar (NLS), a staff member of multiple NLS courses, and will be an International Service Team member for the upcoming 2019 World Scouting Jamboree.  A Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, Anthony has also been honored with the Founder’s Award.  An Eagle Scout from Troop 303 in Princess Anne District and Chapter, Anthony hails from Virginia Beach, VA.  Anthony is an economics major at Virginia Tech and plans to attend law school following his graduation.

Lodge Advisor, Erich Roetz advises Blue Heron Lodge members to “make an impact.”  Congratulations Anthony, and thank you for demonstrating what each person can accomplish when they embrace that philosophy.

Local Service

Thirteen year old Life Scout, Daeglan P of troop 179 spent his day bringing a little Holiday Joy to sailors at Portsmouth Naval Hospital on December 22. He decided instead of selling Boy Scout popcorn door to door this year, he would ask local businesses to support purchasing Boy Scout popcorn for distribution to those in military service. With the funds received, he purchased Boy Scout popcorn and spent part of his holiday giving a popcorn product and a “Thank You” to the men and women that serve our country and work at Portsmouth Naval. As you can imagine he was well received. His parents, who are both Scouting volunteers could not be more proud of his actions and generous spirit!

Princess Anne is proud to have such remarkable Scouts.

Charter Status

It was turned in, so when do I get my certificate?  The charter renewal process starts with asking every unit to submit their completed renewal paperwork early in December.  For the 2018 renewals, every unit was given a specific appointment time on December 2 to come to TCC to review and submit their renewal.  Some followed through.  More came in throughout December.  Some still are not in the building.

On time means the council had all the required paperwork – an approved renewal roster, evidence of every renewing adult being properly trained for the position they would hold in 2018, evidence that every adult had youth protection training valid through 2018, an annual charter agreement and a completed and signed Journey to Excellence scorecard.  Any missing piece delays that charter being processed through.

There are 207 units scheduled to renew for 2018; 68 of those are in Princess Anne.  Charters are reviewed in the order they were submitted to the council.  Simply stated, the earlier it was in, the faster it goes through the review and moves forward to posting.  If errors are discovered, that charter moves to the bottom of the pile waiting for corrections to come in.  Al Barr, district commissioner staff member is diligently working as a volunteer in the office to assist in the process, find those Princess Anne errors and get them fixed quickly.  If you are contacted by him with specific items, please respond quickly!  He is your advocate to get the charters done.

There is a daily update to the charter status on the council home page.

Attract Attention With Community Service

The 2017 reporting is closed.  Half of Princess Anne’s traditional units reported service.  In 2018, the goal is simple – 100% of the traditional units in the district will report their projects in https://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Commissioners/Journey.aspx.  Remember, a Scout does a good turn daily, so share the information so everyone knows!

Activities and Civic Service Chairman, Sam Grinvalsky, is working with unit leaders to get everyone on board with reporting their successes.  Thirty-two of sixty-four traditional units have projects recorded.

Units and Groups Units Eagle Projects Total Projects Total Service Hours
Princess Anne
Crew 0179 St John the Apostle 1 1 107
Crew 0303 St Matthews School 1 5 228
Pack 0374 Courthouse Community UMC 0 15 336
Pack 0407 FRA Post 99 0 5 549
Pack 0417 St Andrews UMM 0 3 50
Pack 0541 Creeds Ruritan Club 0 6 99
Pack 0700 Atlantic Shores 0 7 137
Pack 0991 Emmanuel Episcopal 0 3 190
Troop 0007 Columbian Club of Virginia Beach Inc. 1 1 270
Troop 0012 Providence Presbyterian 4 5 539
Troop 0014 St Michael Lutheran 1 6 208
Troop 0141 Charity UMC 1 23 720
Troop 0179 St John the Apostle 2 3 278
Troop 0301 LDS Bayside Ward 1 10 224
Troop 0303 St Matthews School 4 12 979
Troop 0305 LDS Norfolk II Ward 0 1 15
Troop 0362 Community UMC 3 3 459
Troop 0378 Virginia Beach UMC 4 7 470
Troop 0401 Brigadoon Civic League 0 5 144
Troop 0407 FRA Post 99 2 5 559
Troop 0408 Church of the Ascension 2 2 345
Troop 0417 St Andrews UMM 5 5 919
Troop 0442 LDS Sandbridge Ward 3 6 648
Troop 0443 LDS Kempsville Ward 1 1 82
Troop 0471 Salem UMC 1 1 112
Troop 0488 Congregation Beth Chaverim 2 2 98
Troop 0499 Carrow Baptist 2 2 334
Troop 0504 CBS LLC 3 4 437
Troop 0660 Kempsville Ruritan Club 1 3 446
Troop 0791 Nimmo UMM 5 5 693
Troop 0902 VB Moose Family Center #1198 0 6 84
Troop 0996 Kempsville Presbyterian 6 6 1,569
Total 32 56 169 12,328


Recruiting is a Year-Round Event

Every pack or troop has opportunities, planned or surprise events, to recruit new members throughout the year.  Let the executive know what is going on.  The council and district will do everything possible to support that membership success.

Getting flyers is made easy by filling in a few quick items on the custom Princess Anne flyer request.  The necessary information is automatically sent in to your executive for processing.