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Cub Scout Pow Wow is Back!

Registration is now open for the 2017 Cub Scout Pow Wow.  Come join fellow Cub Scouters on Saturday morning, October 28th, to learn more about how to deliver a better program to your pack and your den. With 20 different topics, there’s sure to be several that will be of interest.  The fee is $15 and registration is online.

Annual Popcorn Sale is Underway!

The Tidewater Council popcorn sale has started.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide financial support for your unit.  Popcorn is in and available for pickup.  Please register your unit’s Popcorn Kernel and start selling.  Great incentives are available for our top sellers and units retain 38% of all sales.  Sign up today!  

Online Training Taking Too Long?

Get the training you need for your new position and prevent holding up your unit’s charter – attend the needed training at the “Mega Training Day” on Oct 28!  Most basic courses offered, as well as Trainer’s EDGE and Fundamentals of Training for Pack Trainers.

Membership Snapshot

EVERY district could bring in a win this year on membership – it’s all about the next new youth getting registered. The membership snapshot and details of how many members have registered since August 1 is designed to encourage every… Read More

“EK” Electronic Knapsack October 10, 2017

Membership Cheers! Every Saturday, an update of unit membership and the impact of fall activity is getting published as a special EK.  Where does that information come from, and why are new members not listed for any given… Read More

Military Popcorn 2016

Will your pack, troop, team, crew or post join the team this year?  Below is a recap of those units who served those who serve us with their popcorn sale last year. Our thanks to the many units… Read More

Printable Council Calendar

Download the printable .pdf of Tidewater Council’s board approved 2017 – 2018 calendar. Current Calendar