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Daily Charter Renewal Update

Charter Renewal 2018 is in High Gear Has your pack, troop, crew or post submitted a renewal for 2018?  Check below for the units that have completed the online renewal process.  If your unit does not have a… Read More

Membership Snapshot

Eleven more members!  That is all it takes to put Tidewater Council over the top.  For every district to be a winner, it will take 27.  Albemarle and Princess Anne already bagged the year end win. Bayside and… Read More

“EK” Electronic Knapsack

December Schedule There are a number of special closings coming up in the next month.  Be sure to note these in your calendar and work your Scouting needs around the Council Center and Scout Shop Closings. December 19… Read More

Military Popcorn Donations

Will your pack, troop, team, crew or post join the team in 2017?  Below is a recap of those units who served those who serve us with their popcorn sale in 2016. Our thanks to the many units… Read More