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Bayside District

Standing District Meetings:

Roundtable & Committee Meetings

Location: Calvary Baptist Church, 4832 Haygood Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Cub Scout Roundtable: Second Tuesday, 7:15 PM

Boy Scout Roundtable: Second Tuesday, 7:15 PM

District Committee Meeting: 6:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month

OA Chapters:

Cape Henry Chapter Meeting: 

  • Time: 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Location: Church of the Holy Family, 1279 N. Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Powhatan Chapter Meeting: 

  • Time: 7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month
  • Location: Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Scout House, 288 E. Little Creek Road, Norfolk 23505.
  • The church is located at the Interstate 64 exit, and the Scout House is to the left of the church.

 Commissioners Meeting

  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: Council Service Center 1032 Heatherwood Drive Virginia Beach, VA
  • Meetings are typically held on last Thursday of the month.


Fall Camporee



Popcorn is Coming

The council’s annual fundraiser of popcorn is fast approaching. Please identify your Popcorn Kernel now so they can be kept informed of when the sales start and they receive updates from the council. The district is hosting a Budget/Popcorn training on Saturday, June 10 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM at Calvary Baptist Church located at 4832 Haygood Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.  Please RSVP to your District Executive so handouts can be prepared.