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Membership is Success

A personal invitation always work best to get new people involved!

Let’s get started on membership
Scouting is a great program, and therefore we should make no small plans to promote the program to all eligible youth. Tidewater area offers many markets for new youth, at events and activities that are already happening in our area. We can also start events and activities that can generate a crowd.

In peer-to-peer recruiting, you have everything going for you. Start with the boys and parents who are already involved. Pick a date for a recruiting activity and have every boy invite five friends and their parents to come.

What to do at an event
Take advantage of the new Adventure Trails.  Every grade level has a great selection of elective trails that boys and their families can participate in.  Most families who come out to an event and see the fun their son will have

At the end of a successful recruiting event, everybody is a winner! The Pack has more Scouts and more parents are available to take on leadership roles. Keep the parents involved, and the boys are not only retained, but also more willing to invite their friends.

Be Prepared!
The Council has supplies to support your successful recruit:

Let the council know you are on board and doing at least one summer recruit event.  A package will be ready for your event.

AND… don’t forget to add your great event to your Summertime Pack Award application!

Invite a Friend Events

Fishing Workshop and Outing

Know the fishing regulations for your area
Secure copies for every boy in the Pack and additional copies for the boys they invite. Check with tackle shops and sports sections of department stores.  They often have copies provided by the state available for pick up.

Conduct a workshop or fishing clinic

  • Make a fishing pole (Be resourceful: There is plenty of bamboo growing in the area.)
  • Learn to cast 30′ (Buckets or small hula hoops make great targets.)
  • Find the bait scavenger hunt
  • Bait a hook

Go do it!
Tidewater Council has over one hundred miles of beachfront to use for surf-casting, spanning the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, from Cape Henry to Hatteras Island.  Check local rules for surf-casting, or take advantage of one of the many piers available.  Call ahead; many of the piers are “Scout Friendly” if the boys are in uniforms.

Ocean View Fishing Pier
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier
Virginia Beach Fishing Pier
Nags Head Fishing Pier
Avalon Fishing Pier
Nags Head Fishing Pier
Jennette’s Fishing Pier
Outer Banks Fishing Pier
Hatteras Island Fishing Pier
Avon Fishing Pier

  • Make it fun and recognize results. To add a Pack tournament element, recognize the biggest fish, smallest fish (or biggest bait), most colorful, most fish, etc.
  • Clean the fish that were caught
  • Have a fish fry
Bowling Party – Go do it!
  • AMF Norfolk Lanes
  • Pinboys at the Beach
  • AMF Lynnhaven Lanes
  • AMF Indian River Lanes
  • AMF Chesapake Lanes
  • AMF Western Branch
  • Victory Lanes Portsmouth
  • Albemarle Bowling Center, Elizabeth City
  • Nags Head Bowling Center