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Membership Snapshot

Tidewater Council is over the top.  With a little help from Bayside Scouters, every district will show growth in 2016.  Please continue to get your applications submitted.  Those new members deserve a timely registration, that is what their parents paid for.

On December 1, the National Council membership fee changed to $33.00 per year, or $2.75 per month.  Be sure to take that into account when submitting applications.  Boys’ Life Magazine remains at its great value of $12.00 per year for Scouts.

Thank you to everyone who is playing an active role in membership!

Membership Snapshot
December 15, 2017
District Current Members 12/31/2016 Needed to Exceed 12/31/2016
Albemarle 563 547 +16
Bayside 1,583 1,589 7
Princess Anne 1,829 1,824 +5
Three Rivers 1,716 1,705 +11
Total 5,691 5,665 +26