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Wood Badge 2018

Wood Badge is a national leadership and team development experience open to all Scout leaders held in the Spring in Tidewater Council.  The 2018 course will be held Friday, April 20th to Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 and Saturday, June 2nd to Monday, June 4th, 2018.   Check out the sections below, then continue to scroll down the page for more information about the course, catch a glimpse of this great learning experience and testimonials from previous attendees. (click a “+” in sections below to see more)

Welcome From Course Director

I’m glad you are interested in Wood Badge!  See my welcome letter to you: Course Director Welcome Letter

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If you have read the information below and are ready to register, then go to the online Wood Badge Registration Page here:  Wood Badge Registration.  A few things you need to know:
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3. Make sure the event selected is “2018 Wood Badge” and select Participant Type as “Adult” (NOT “Staff”)
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5. ONLINE PAYMENT OPTIONS:  You may pay the full amount or any amount less than the full amount.  We suggest saving yourself the time and gas of a trip to the council office and paying online.  If you pay online, a convenience fee of 3% of the amount will be added.  This is to pay not only for the processing of the credit card, but for the cost of the Tentaroo online registration system.  You may also simply register, pay zero, and drop off or send in your payment to the council office, BUT please do the complete registration process all the way to “Submit” using the zero payment option.  The allows the course director to have your information in advance for future contact.  If paying at the Scout Shop, please follow the instructions and fill out this form:  Wood Badge Registration Form and attach your payment.

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General Information

The 2018 Wood Badge course will be held at Pipsico Scout Reservation on Friday, April 20 to Sunday, April 22, and Saturday, June 2 to Monday, June 4, 2018. The course is open to all Scouters, regardless of position or program.  Wood Badge is a high energy and challenging leadership and team development program delivered according to national BSA standards.  Read more in the sections below and in the Scoutmaster’s Welcome letter above to find out all the details and how to join a great Scouting tradition.

What is Wood Badge, really?

Wood Badge, simply stated, is “Leadership for Scouting, Leadership for America.”  It is a 6-day, hands-on, full bore, intense learning experience using contemporary leadership concepts utilized in corporate America and leading government organizations that are relevant to Scouting’s values-based movement.
Participants apply skills they learn through their shared participation as a member of a successful, working, high-performance team.
The course covers these leadership topics:
Living The Values: An understanding of values, mission, and vision within the Aims and Methods of Scouting.
Bringing the Vision to Life: Learning to listen, communicate, giving and getting feedback, valuing people and leveraging diversity, coaching, and mentoring.
Using Models for Success through team development and situational leadership.
Applying the Tools of the Trade: Project planning and problem-solving, managing conflict, assessing team performance, managing and embracing change, and celebrating team success.
Leading to Make a Difference:  Leaving a legacy for the future and learning the meaning of the greatest leadership secret.
The Wood Badge course is delivered by a carefully selected group of dedicated and experienced volunteers who prepare for months to provide you with the best that Scouting training has to offer adult leaders.

Wood Badge is for every leader

Today’s Wood Badge is for all volunteers in the Scouting movement regardless of position or program – Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing, as well as for District and Council volunteers.
Although many attendees are Boy Scout program volunteers, that trend is changing rapidly! Nearly 40% of the attendees at the last several courses were Cub Scouters and Venturing Advisors.

No Scouting experience required

There are NO tenure requirements to attend Wood Badge. The only “qualification” is the desire to learn and have fun.
Learning leadership and planning skills as early as possible only improves your ability to deliver the Scouting program in the most effective ways.  In fact, national BSA goals are to have every volunteer attend Wood Badge within two years of first becoming a volunteer – regardless of program.
The only minimum requirement is that you have completed Position Specific Training for your primary registered position and, for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills. All other participants are encouraged to attend Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, but it is not required.
If you are unsure about whether you meet the training requirements, contact the Wood Badge Course Director

No camping experience required

Attendance at Wood Badge only requires that you have basic camping skills. The first weekend is primarily spent indoors in a classroom setting, sleeping in platform tents and cots provided at the camp. For the first weekend, you will only need your personal items, a sleeping bag, some mosquito screening so you can sleep comfortably, and your full Scout Uniform.
The Wood Badge staff will provide Class B shirts, hats, and all meals for the first weekend.  We are glad to make any special arrangements to meet your special needs.
The second weekend does require you to do some basic tent camping and cook a few simple meals with your Patrol in a designated site in Camp Lions using Leave No Trace principles. You will camp with your assigned Patrol and, if you are not very experienced, we will ensure that you will have plenty of experienced Patrol members to help you have a great time.
The object of Wood Badge is not to learn camping skills (that is available to you in other Scouting training programs), but to learn leadership and team development!
Weather permitting, we will schedule many of our sessions outdoors so you can experience and enjoy the nature and unique environment of Pipsico Scout Reservation.

Wood Badge is for experienced leaders, too!

Some of the leadership and team development concepts you will learn in Wood Badge are directly from some of the leadership “gurus” of the corporate world, and you may have been exposed to them – in a more sterile corporate, academic, or government environment.  In Wood Badge, you not only learn about them, but you will live, reinforce, and apply—in real time—those concepts for six days in a safe environment within the special context of delivering the promise of Scouting to our youth.
Most participants find the live challenge of having to apply these concepts with their fellow Scout leaders to be what makes Wood Badge such a unique experience.
Bottom line: Anybody can sit through a lecture about leadership. Getting up from that lecture and immediately applying what you have learned is something entirely different and ultimately more rewarding!

What's the ticket all about?

One of the greatest traditions of Wood Badge is the “ticket.”  During the first few days of the course, each participant is required to develop a personal Vision with emphasis on their work in Scouting. From this Vision, each person creates five personal goals—related to his/her Scouting job—to achieve during the next 18 months following the course, that will enable utilization of his/her newly learned leadership skills.
The goals should be challenging and, if needed, the staff will help guide you. The goals are flexible and, if your position changes, your ticket can change to meet the needs and challenges of your new position.

A great place to learn!!

The entire experience is focused on learning through practice. You can make mistakes without serious consequences. The staff is there to support and guide. Participants work together toward common goals in small teams.  The environment is positive and supportive; designed to encourage practice, exploration, and personal growth.

Not convinced yet?  A former Wood Badge Scoutmaster has more reasons! Listen below.

What's Life Like During and After Wood Badge?

After experiencing Wood Badge Bryan of Bryan On Scouting said: “Wood Badge lives up to the hype.  For new Scouters, it’ll jump-start your Scouting career faster than you can say ‘Be Prepared.’  And the many BSA veterans on my course told me it recharged their Scouting batteries more than they ever dreamed.” Read the rest of his blog post HERE

Bryan Wendell (Bryan on Scouting) Answers the Question: Why Wood Badge?

Bryan wrote this about his experience at Wood Badge in Scouting magazine:
“NO UMBRELLA-TOPPED drinks served poolside. No quality time with your Kindle.  No seaweed body wraps, no room service, no hot-stone massages.

Is Wood Badge a stress-free vacation? No.

But for a vacation that tests your limits, gives meaning to your time spent in Scouting and makes your job as a leader easier, just say yes to Scouting¹s pre-eminent training course for adults.

Your deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing. And the price? Less than a single night’s cost that fancy resort with the pool.”

Read the rest of article HERE.