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Volunteers Assisted in Unloading Popcorn Product


THANK YOU to the volunteers from Scouting and the sailors who gave freely of their time and energy to unload three truckloads of popcorn.  The products are all here, the order forms, the sampler, a great tote backpack to manage orders…

Without volunteers, this huge task would have been impossible.

THANK YOU, you made it happen!

It’s popcorn time!

That time of year where we have three tractor trailers of popcorn delivering product to the Council office for the fall sale has arrived.  We need your HELP!!! This year’s date is Friday, July 28. We will gather at 7:00 a.m. at the Council office to begin unloading. Each truck takes approximately one hour to unload. We are asking strong, willing volunteers wishing to assist us to email lindaboyce@scouting.org with their name, unit number & cell number (in case times should change). It helps us to ensure there will be enough ice water, Gatorade & lunch for all.  This is a rain or shine event.

Think safety…small children cannot participate. There are no facilities for day care during the unload operation.  With tractor trailers arriving, forklifts loaded with pallets of heavy product & pallet jacks being moved about, assisting youth should be at least 13 and able to lift heavy cases of microwave popcorn product that weigh 30-40 lbs.

FYI…when trucks arrive, we have no idea what product has been loaded on what truck. Helpers are welcome to check out product at the end of the unload.