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Wood Badge Reunion Dinner

LATE FEE ELIMINATED TO ALLOW S7-596-17 COURSE PARTICIPANTS TO ATTEND, BUT REGISTER BY SUNDAY, MAY 21ST. PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS AN ADULT ONLY NON-UNIFORM EVENT.   Join us at Gilwell to reunite with your patrol, congregate with fellow critters,… Read More

Wood Badge Wknd 2

For more information go to the Tidewater Council Wood Badge home page.

Wood Badge Reunion Dinner

You Are Invited to the 2016 Wood Badge / NYLT Reunion Dinner! All Wood Badgers and their guests are invited to join in the fun and fellowship of Scouting at our Third Annual Wood Badge / NYLT Reunion… Read More

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For complete information on the course, go to the Tidewater Council Wood Badge home page. Or REGISTER NOW. So, What is Wood Badge? Wood Badge is for ALL REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS and, simply stated, is “Leadership for Scouting, Leadership for America.” … Read More