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Princess Anne District

Princess Anne district serves every Virginia Beach community south of Interstate 264 and Knotts Island, NC.

Standing Meetings

Commissioner Meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd Joe Perry
Committee Meeting 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd Tom Williams
Cub Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd
Boy Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd

Committee Directory

District News

Attract Attention With Community Service

Year end is approaching, and only those projects entered into the Journey to Excellence service hours will count on unit scorecards.  Hop on board and join the units listed below who have reported projects by October 25, 2017.  All projects must be entered prior to completing the charter package with the unit scorecard.  Activities and Civic Service Chairman, Sam Grinvalsky, is working with unit leaders to get everyone on board with reporting their successes.  Twenty-six of sixty-four traditional units have projects recorded.

Unit Total Projects Total Hours
Crew 179 1 107
Crew 303 1 118
Pack 374 4 83
Pack 407 3 494
Pack 417 2 41
Pack 541 4 77
Troop 007 1 270
Troop 012 3 477
Troop 014 4 174
Troop 141 18 622
Troop 179 3 278
Troop 303 9 763
Troop 305 1 15
Troop 362 3 459
Troop 378 1 49
Troop 401 1 16
Troop 407 3 445
Troop 408 2 345
Troop 417 2 345
Troop 442 5 624
Troop 443 1 82
Troop 471 1 112
Troop 660 3 446
Troop 791 5 693
Troop 996 5 1355
District Total 90 8,927

Fall Recruit Update

In August the district started delivering the message, “Princess Anne needs 400 new members from today until December 31.”  To accomplish that, everyone got busy on working the recruiting plan.  Good job to everyone – today, that number is 200 to achieve the aggressive membership goal established in January.  There are some strategies to make that happen –

  • Show and Sell Popcorn locations – “Be Prepared” with applications and invite families to join.
  • November – zone recruits in public places, libraries, fast food restaurants, family friendly venues.  Packs and troops support the initiative with representatives at those locations.
  • December – clean sweep.  Follow up on every outstanding lead, from BeAScout, advancement error lists, calls etc.  Every family who inquired is enrolled.
  • Troops and crews – host at least one open house with members inviting potential members to come visit and join.  Be sure to reach down to younger potential members.  Always reaching out to a single age group establishes a timeline to drop the unit, not keep it going into the future.
  • LDS troops and packs are actively participating with invite a friend / peer to peer recruiting.

Every application for youth needs to be submitted within one week of being completed.  Parents expect their son to be a Scout immediately; we need to meet their expectation.

Princess Anne has almost 70 Scouting programs between packs, troops crews and posts.  Adding the remaining 200 new members can definitely happen if everyone continues to follow the well known athletic shoe advertisement – “Just do it!”

Accident and Sickness Insurance

The per person insurance rate will be $12.00 per person with the 2017 charter renewal.  This is the first rate increase for units in a number of years.  The Tidewater Council continues to subsidize liability insurance costs.

Unit Incentives

A two-threshold unit incentive program was developed for 2017.  The two thresholds are unit participation in Friends of Scouting and Product Sales.

A unit will be rewarded their incentive as a deposit in their unit account upon completion of their annual charter.  The charter is considered completed when the registrar can process it through the computer system.

This chart illustrations the thresholds and incentives if one reaches the minimum number on both thresholds that is Friends of Scouting and Product Sales.

 Level Average Friends of Scouting per Scout Average Product Sales per Scout Per Scout Unit Incentive
Bronze  $ 40.00  $ 150.00  $   5.00
Silver  $ 50.00  $ 200.00  $   7.50
Gold  $ 60.00  $ 250.00  $ 10.00

The numbers in Friends of Scouting are average numbers for the entire unit.  To determine this average, the council will take the total dollars raised by the unit by the end of the year and divide it by the number of youth that rechartered with the unit at the beginning of the year.

The numbers for the product sales are average numbers for the entire unit.  To determine this average the council will take the total retail dollars of product sold, both Nuts and Popcorn, sold by that unit and divide it by the number of youth rechartered with the unit.

The average is based on the number of youth that are processed with the unit’s charter that was due in December of 2016.

Any unit in need of assistance in calculating goals, contact Dana Mott.  Individual unit goals are available, but will not be publicly posted.  The incentive is a combined total.  Making one, and not the other would not earn the incentive.  If a unit is short on Friends of Scouting, there is still opportunity to improve their 2017 total.  The fall popcorn and nut sale is in progress.  Establish a goal for the unit to succeed and go for the gold.

Recruiting is a Year-Round Event

Every pack or troop has opportunities, planned or surprise events, to recruit new members throughout the year.  Let the executive know what is going on.  The council and district will do everything possible to support that membership success.

Getting flyers is made easy by filling in a few quick items on the custom Princess Anne flyer request.  The necessary information is automatically sent in to your executive for processing.