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Princess Anne District

Princess Anne district serves every Virginia Beach community south of Interstate 264 and Knotts Island, NC.

Troops, Teams, Crews – Save the Date for the Bayside / Princess Anne Fall Camporee – October 6-8, 2017 

Standing Meetings

Commissioner Meeting 1st Tuesday 6:30 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd  Chad Wacker
Committee Meeting 1st Tuesday 7:30 PM St Andrew’s UMC, 717 Tuscon Rd Tom Williams
Cub Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd Rick McIlrath
Boy Scout Roundtable 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM LDS Church, 4784 Princess Anne Rd

Committee Directory

District News

District Adult Leaders Recognized

At our annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner in March, Princess Anne District honored adult volunteers for their ongoing and superlative service to Scouting and to our District in 2016.  Included among those formally recognized were three individuals who were presented the highest form of recognition that can be given at the District level, the Award of Merit.  Our three District Award of Merit recipients for 2016 were:  Jean Blackwell – Troop 791, Dan McFarland – Troop 791, and Karl Williams – Troop 441.   In addition to these awards, numerous other superlatives were recognized including the following Cub Scout leaders for their performance and service in 2016:

Tiger Den Leader of the Year – Troy Turner, Pack 417
Wolf Den Leader of the Year – Erich Wolfinger, Pack 471
Bear Den Leader of the Year – Pam Stull, Pack 991
Webelos Den Leader of the Year – Robert Cooper, Pack 471
Arrow of Light Den Leader of the Year – Christine Sullivan, Pack 179
Cub Scout Leader of the Year – Chris Wheeler, Pack 374
Cubmaster of the Year – Tim Walsh, Pack 417
Pack Committee Member of the Year – Susan Moore, Pack 374

The following Boy Scout leaders were recognized for their outstanding performance and service in 2016:
Boy Scout Leader of the Year – Dave Zuchegna,, Troop 179
Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year – Mark Clemente, Troop 179
Scoutmaster of the Year – Bill Fletcher, Troop 362
Troop Committee Member of the Year – Doug Wiltshire, Troop 179
Troop Committee Chair of the Year – Mike Floyd, Troop 407

Those recognized volunteers who dedicate themselves to serving at the district level for 2016:
Hooked on Boy Scouting – Erin Franck, Troop 179
Commissioner of the Year – Rick McIlrath
District Chairman’s Award – Chris and Linda Trapp

In addition to the above, many adult leaders in Princess Anne District were recognized with presentation of 2016 Spark Plug Awards for their ongoing energy, enthusiasm, support and dedication to the Scouting program in our District while providing unit support in a wide variety of adult leadership capacities throughout 2016.   Princess Anne District 2016 Spark Plug Award recipients included:

Sarah Coles, Pack 179                Mark Sullivan, Pack 179                  Stacey Harding, Pack 374
Dinah Jaehn, Pack 374                Thomas Byrd, Pack 407                  Amber Fosterling, Pack 407
Sam Grinvalski. Pack 407             Matt Hipsher, Pack 407                 Jesse Wasserberg, Pack 407
John Samples, Pack 418               Brian Fletter, Pack 471                 Gar Saegar, Pack 471
Moria Wolfinger, Pack 471            Aaron Holdgren , P 499               Shawna Holdren, Pack 499
Willian Brown, Pack 499              Doug Dixon, Pack 499                    Nathan Filipowski, Pack 499
Joe Guill, Pack 991                          Anthony Avery, Troop 179          Patricia Boyer, Troop 179
Tony Prause, Troop 179               Erich Roetz, Crew 179                    Chris Robertson, Team 304
Dave Bussiere, Pack 374              Dave Chestnut, Troop 407            Kathryn Callahan, Troop 417
Tom Callahan, T roop  417            Corey Pierce, Troop 417              Cathy Hale, Troop 791
Chris Schimmel, Troop 791

From Tidewater Council and the District Committee and Commissioner Staffs, a special thank you to the thousands of adults who give of their time energy to Scouting each year in our district and a special well done to the above individuals for their noteworthy accomplishments in 2016.

Family Friends of Scouting

The 2017 campaign is underway, with a goal of having meaningful presentations for 100% of the Princess Anne units.  To help people understand what Friends of Scouting is, and why it makes a difference –

  • Annual fees go straight to the national organization.  That includes registration , insurance and Boy’s Life magazine.  Tidewater Council retains none of those funds
  • No local operating costs are paid by the National Council
  • There are no government funds provided to operate Boy Scout Councils
  • United Way is a community partner, providing approximately 6.5% of the total budget
  • Scouting families and the community make the difference for thousands of young people when supporting the council with a Friends of Scouting contribution

With your support, Tidewater Council can maintain the Council Service Center, the Scout Shop, Pipsico Scout Reservation and provide staff to assist with the needs of every unit, and every family trying to join Scouts.

Tidewater Council is a 501(c)3 designated non-profit organization.  All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contact District Chairman, Tom Williams, to help or to schedule a presentation.  If you cannot reach Tom, send the information to dana.mott@scouting.org or call our executive, Dana Mott at 757 773-8389.

Recruiting is a Year-Round Event

Every pack or troop has opportunities, planned or surprise events, to recruit new members throughout the year.  Let the executive know what is going on.  The council and district will do everything possible to support that membership success.

Getting flyers is made easy by filling in a few quick items on the custom Princess Anne flyer request.  The necessary information is automatically sent in to your executive for processing.