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Powder Horn

Powder Horn is a resource course designed to introduce and expose Boy Scout, Venturer, Sea Scouts and Explorers, both adult and youth (over the age of 14) leaders to the activities and resources necessary to operate a successful and safe outdoor/high adventure unit-level program.

Our inaugural Powder Horn course will be held at Pipsico Scout Reservation from July 28 – 30, 2017.
To find out what you need to know about attending the course, how to contact the Course Director and other information, click “+” in each section below.

I'm Ready to Register Now!

If you have read all of the information below and are ready to register and pay now,  then register online here (the preferred method):  2017 Powder Horn Registration.  Additional information on registration can be found at 2017 Powder Horn Event Page. 

What Should I Expect From The Course?

Powder Horn is designed to help Scouters to…
  • Find the resources necessary for a high adventure program.
  • Understand what is involved in different high adventure disciplines.
  • Run a high adventure program safely.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to provide a robust outdoor program using a variety of resources.
  • Learn where to find local resources and consultants for high-adventure activities.
  • Learn how to safely apply BSA’s health and safety requirements for outdoor programs. Learn how to apply BSA’s rules and regulations as they apply to outdoor programs.


Registration and payment for all participants will be done on the Council’s new online registration system. You may access the registration system and pay here: 2017 Powder Horn Registration. If you are unable to register online, please read the instructions in the section below: “Trouble With Online Registration”. The Course Director will follow up with you on what to do. If you do not already have a Tentaroo account, you will need to create a new account in Tentaroo. Follow the instructions on the site in the “Create A New Account” section of the main login page. NOTE: To defray the cost of processing the credit card use of the Tentaroo system, a 3% convenience fee is added at checkout. We ask for your support for this time-saving registration method.  

Trouble With Online Registration?

 Please fill out this form and let us know about the issues you are having and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  We’ll get back to you as soon as practical to help resolve any issues you may have.  Please provide as complete and specific information so we have all of the information necessary to help you.

Online Registration - Trouble Ticket



What Happens After I Register

Registration closes on June 15, 2017. At this time we will send all participants a welcome packet with information on what to bring. Applicants must complete 10 topics in order to receive the Powder Horn recognition. There will be no make-up sessions if an applicant does not attend an event and there will be no refund.

Is There An Age Requirement?

Yes, Powder Horn is designed for high adventure. Participation in the course is limited to youth who meet the age requirements for high adventure as defined in the Guide to Safe Scouting. For Boy Scouts, the requirement is that they are at least 13 years of age and have completed the 8th grade or who are 14 years of age at the time of the course (July 28). The requirements for Venturer and Sea Scouts are youth who meet Venturing and Sea Scouting minimum ages by July 28, 2017 and not yet 21 before July 30, 2017. These are national guidelines and cannot be changed for the course. Please contact the course director if you have any questions.

What Does It Cost?

Powder Horn provides food, supplies, and awards for the course participants. For this reason, we must charge a fee for participation. Every person attending including adult advisors and youth staff will pay a fee to cover these expenses. Registration is open now.

Fee for participants: $170 total cost paid on or before May 1, 2017. $185 total cost paid after May 1 and before June 15, 2017.

Course registration closes June 15, 2017. No applications will be taken after this date without approval from the Course Director.

For Unit Leaders and Unit Committees

We highly encourage Unit Committees to offer at least one scholarship for an Adult and one for a Youth participant at Powder Horn for ½ of the course cost for your participant(s). Powder Horn will improve unit outdoor programs as it is a high adventure resource course, NOT a summer camp or camporee. Therefore, meeting the minimum requirement of age and completion of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews, Ships, or Troops must to be adhered to. Trained leaders will contribute significantly to retention, recruitment and unit operations. Invest in the future, and they will pay it forward!

Refund Policy

The Powder Horn course has limited space. Therefore, a participant accepted for the course and has paid the fee is expected to attend the full program. Refunds will be provided only for the following:
  1. Death of Relative
  2. Physical Limitation/Medical Situation
  3. Approval of Course Director

Please note that all approved refunds will be assessed a minimum of a 15% administrative charge. However, the Council reserves the right to charge to the person requesting the refund any fixed costs already paid on behalf of that participant. The individual or parent/guardian must apply for the refund. Refunds will not be granted within 30 days of the course convene date since program items will have already been purchased for participants, however unit leaders are able to change candidates prior to 20 days from the beginning of the course.

I Have A Special Needs Concern

Our objective is to provide training to ALL participants, regardless of physical or other limitations (within safety limits). Therefore, if you have special needs, contact the Course Director, Kelly Thorp, krt364@gmail.com so all concerns can be addressed prior to the course. Please give us notice as soon as possible about any special need.

Do I Have To Wear A Uniform?

ABSOLUTELY YES. THE UNIFORM IS A REQUIRED PART OF THIS TRAINING COURSE! Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Sea Scouts are required to wear the FULL prescribed BSA Field Uniform (excluding neckerchiefs and bolos) properly. Venturers will wear their Crew uniform or their recommended BSA Field Uniform. Please note that no neckwear is worn at Powder Horn. Participants will wear their Field Uniform when they arrive at Powder Horn. The Field Uniform is also worn at all Flag Ceremonies, dinners, and other times throughout the course. When participants are not wearing their Field Uniforms, they wear an Activity Uniform. The Activity Uniform is the same uniform as the Field Uniform except the participants’ Powder Horn shirt (provided by the course) replaces the designated Scout shirt. Other scouting related activity shirts are allowed as well.

What Do I Have To Bring To Powder Horn?

  • Field Uniform appropriate to the participants program (at least 1 pair of long pants)
  • Daily change of underwear and socks (Bring Extra)
  • Swimsuit
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Hand Towel
  • Bath Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Comb, Brush, Mirror – Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Soap in container
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Raincoat and/or poncho
  • Good and comfortable pair of shoes
  • Flip Flops for Shower
  • Pajamas
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Hat – preferable scout related
  • Pillow
  • Camera
  • Laundry Bag
  • Individual First Aid Kit
  • Mess Kit and Canteen
  • Tent or Hammock
  • Backpack/Day pack
  • Camp Chair

A complete list will be provided however, since we will be camping out for two nights, you can refer to the BSA Field Book or the Backpacking Merit Badge Pamphlet for some good suggestions.

Is Food or Money Required?

PARTICIPANTS SHOULD NOT BRING ANY FOOD WITH THEM TO CAMP. Food in tents and billeting areas will attract animals and ants. All the meals during the course will be provided. We will be also providing snacks throughout the course. There will be plenty of good food to eat! The Trading Post will be open however; if you bring money you do so at your own risk. Please note, if you have any food allergies or restrictions, it is crucial to inform the Course Director as soon as possible (during registration or before).

Do I Need To Have A BSA Medical Form?

YES! Annual Medical Form Part A, B, and C must be current, complete and signed by both parent/guardian and physician. Physicals will be accepted and screened at course reception. BSA medical forms are valid for 1 year.  Please ensure the participant’s medical form is valid for the duration of the course. Therefore, no form should be dated any earlier than July 27, 2017.  Medical forms will only be accepted at check in.  If your unit maintains a copy of your medical form, please ensure that you acquire that form prior to arriving at Powder Horn.

Are swim checks required?

No, but since the pool is open and we plan on doing some waterfront activities if you wish to participate then a swim check will be performed during the course.

What If I Have Medications?

Pipsico has a medic on staff and one of our Powder Horn staff members will act as our course medic. When the participant checks in at Powder Horn, they will also check with the medic who will review any medications. Medications must arrive in their original containers with clear instructions on dosage. Medications will be held by the medic during the course. It is the participant’s responsibility to take his/her medications when needed. The medic will provide general reminders throughout the day, and will do their best to track individual medications. If this is an issue, please discuss with the medic or the Course Director during registration process. For Health and Safety reasons youth should bring with them an emergency inhaler and/or EPIPEN if applicable. This will be the ONLY medication a youth will be able to maintain personal possession of. REMINDER: You must have the current and BSA Health Form completed and signed by both parent/guardian and physician. Those who do not will be turned away, will not be able to attend the course, and will not receive a refund. If you have questions about this please contact the Course Director, Kelly Thorp krt364@gmail.com. Medical forms will only be accepted at check in.

What About Merit Badges?

Although the topics and activities cover information for certain merit badges, Powder Horn focuses on teaching the participants how to plan and execute activities, not to complete a merit badge. Powder Horn is not summer camp or camporee. It must be treated and approached as a resource course. With that said, the skills participants will learn at Powder Horn will help them advance in their respective units.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

Please arrive no later than 8:00 AM on Friday, July 28, 2017. The course will conclude on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 5:00 PM. Please note: the first meal offered is breakfast on Friday. The last meal will be lunch on Sunday. If you wish to arrive a day early (Thursday PM) please contact the Course Director, Kelly Thorp krt364@gmail.com

Powder Horn Course Director Contact Info and Other Info

Kelly Thorp krt364@gmail.com


Tidewater Council, BSA
Powder Horn Registration
Official BSA Medical Form (Parts A, B & C must be completed)
Address of the course:  57 Pipsico Road, Spring Grove, VA  23881
Map: Pipsico Scout Reservation