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Popcorn Sale

Welcome to Popcorn 2017

Get Ideas for the Best Sale Yet

Two training classes were held in July to help units organize their best popcorn sale ever. Check back for more training to be announced.

Internet Sale

Internet sales are August 28 – November 27 for Tidewater Council this year.  The Council code to access the portal is 596TWC. Units can set up an account if they are new to internet sales or edit their existing accounts (addresses/deleting scouts). However, until Monday, August 28, when the site is projected to “go live”, orders cannot be placed. Please note the details of the internet sale are on page 10 of the popcorn booklet.

Popcorn selling units earn 38% as a flat rate

Commission begins on the first dollar of direct sales and is available in the unit budget immediately.  The process is streamlined to make popcorn sales very user-friendly.

Features of the sale as reminders for unit Popcorn Kernels –

  • Internet sale at 30% commission with direct shipment to purchaser
  • All donations made at show and sell locations are considered Military Popcorn Donations with the unit retaining a 38% commission
  • Every unit signed up will start with one free case of a $20.00 product for $160.00 instant profit

The individual prize program is designed to supplement a unit incentive plan.   Build a great sale by developing a unit incentive program; recognize Scouts early and often for their success.


A. $50.00 Individual popcorn sales patch
B. $350.00 Ten Day Blitz Unit sets the dates, must be completed by September 30
Notify the Scout Shop of the start date, file report for the 10 day sale
C. $750.00 Z-Curve Bow Set with Foam Arrows
D. $1,250.00 Baseball Bat
E. $2,500.00 Pecatonica Popcorn Incentive – Winner Circle Options
F. $4,000.00 Pecatonica Popcorn Incentive – Winner Circle Options
G. Council Top 3 Special prizes in addition to the above stated items

This is a progressive prize chart except as noted.  Once a level is achieved through item E, the Scout will receive all the items listed prior.  If a Scout achieves level F, the Scouts receives the Winner Circle selection and all the items A through D.  The top three youth will get special prizes in addition to the sales level achieved.  Another example, if you sell $1,250, you get the prizes at level a, b, c and d.

NOTE – Item B is available only to those Scouts who participate in a unit Sales Blitz.  After September 30, this level is no longer an option.

The council and the popcorn company have the right to substitute like value prizes if items become unavailable. 

 Units qualifying for bonus commission from the spring Whitley Nut sale will receive their additional commission in their store account at the end of the sale.  The bonus is applicable to LOCAL sales only, not internet sales.

Put an additional dimension on the POPcorn sale by adding Whitley’s Peanut Factory products to the products offered.


2017 Popcorn Sign Up Form – Complete and submit to council to identify the point person in the unit for all popcorn information

2017 Popcorn Book– Full 2017 Popcorn sales guide with all deadlines and forms

Form 1 Product Pick-up List – Worksheet to assist unit popcorn “kernal” in planning popcorn check out.  NOTE – check out is by item, not case lots.  Units are not required to take full cases of any product except those items with a case quantity of 1 item (example – 5 way is a single item case)

Form 2 Product Return List – Worksheet to assist unit popcorn “kernal” with reconciling returns.  Only those items eligible for return are listed.

Form 3 Prize Request Form – Use to pick up recognition items throughout the sale.  Start early and reward often!

Form 4 Total Sale Prize Recap Form – Summarizes all prizes the unit qualified for throughout the sale.

Form 5 Great Sales Person Prize Level Form – One form per person to claim the high sales prizes.

Form 6 Military Donation Recap – Use to calculate unit commission on military donations.  Reminder –  all donations at show and sell locations are considered to be military donation.  Units may not actively or passively (visible donation container) solicit donations for their own purposes.  Refer to the Unit Money Earning Guidlines for additional clarification.

Military Donation Form – Form set as a fillable form allowing electronic distribution and acceptance of a military donation.  The council will use these completed forms to acknowledge the donor’s gift of Boy Scout Popcorn to the USO in support of all branches of our armed forces.