Popcorn Sale

Products are Re-stocked

New stock has arrived, and all products are available.  Units with pre-orders, please come in and pick them up.  Be sure to identify it is a pre-order pickup.

Popcorn selling units earn 38% as a flat rate

Commission begins on the first dollar of direct sales and is available in the unit budget immediately.  The process is streamlined to make popcorn sales very user-friendly.

Reminders for unit Popcorn Kernels –

  • Internet sale at 30% commission with direct shipment to purchaser
  • All donations made at show and sell locations are considered to be Military Popcorn Donations with the unit retaining a 38% commission
  • Every unit signed up will start with $160.00 profit by receiving one free case of Caramel Sea Salt (must be picked up by August 31)

The individual prize program is designed to supplement a unit incentive plan.   Build a great sale by developing a unit incentive program; recognize Scouts early and often for their success.

Internet Sale

The popcorn company is  “live” as of August 28 (customers can place orders).  The sale will run through December 12.  The internet site is www.pecatonicariver.popcorn.com

Pecatonica advises users units to go through Google Chrome for the best user experience when using their site.  You will need the first name of each Scout you would like to enter and the first two letters of his last name to create a seller id so individual Scout order amounts can be tracked and credited accordingly.  The code you will need to use is 596TWC.  Right now, you can only view/edit a unit’s profile. Internet sales information is discussed on page 12 of the 2016 Popcorn Book.

Pecatonica and Tidewater Council Sponsored Individual Recognition

Full details for individual recognition, from patches up is in the 2016 Popcorn Book

Zing Blast Off – Sky Ripperz Multi-Pack Super-Sonic, Bungee-Launched Screaming Rockets!

Sky Ripperz™ are amazing and available at the $750 sales level!  Incredible aerodynamics, plus the Rip Zip Launcher, plus kid power can send these rockets soaring up to 250 feet.  That’s as tall as a 20 story building, or almost the length of a football field.  Just attach your rocket to the bungee launch loop, and let ‘em rip!  You add the power!


  • Carrom NASCAR edition Air Hockey Table # 752-10 – 5 available
  • Carrom NASCAR edition Foosball Table # 753-10 – 10 available
  • Louisville Slugger Catcher’s Helmets – 4 available
  • Full Catcher’s Outfit – 1 available
  • TerraStar 60 Telescope – 1 available
  • Competition quality tennis racket – 3 available
  • Baseball Mitt (1 left handed, 1 right handed)
  • Pinnacle Entertainment Center Speaker Set – 1 available
  • Autographed Footballs – 6 sets (5 footballs per set)

Only one of the Over the Top Incentives can be earned per Scouting unit.  The top selling unit will get first choice of the prizes; the second top sales unit, the third top sales unit and so on until all prizes are given away.  A unit must make its selection within 24 hours of being notified of what is available, so have your choices ready!

The top selling units were determined based on actual cash payments to the Scout Shop by October 5.  The Over the Top Units are being contacted for their prize selection.  Please give Linda Boyce a prize selection within 24 hours.  

Key Dates to Remember

  • NOW – Order forms, envelopes and popcorn will be available for all units
  • November 2 – all inventories reconciled (full details in the 2016 Popcorn Book)
  • December 3 – final order date and final prize requests must be submitted
  • December 16 – tentative date for last delivery

Check back often – information updates will be posted to this page!