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Pipsico Camp Staff Alumni

Have you wanted to relive ‘the good old days’ of summer camp just one more time?  How long has it been since you visited Pipsico, the place you spent countless summer days?  Well here is your chance to spend some time with us as we prepare for resident camp.  Pipsico camp staff alumni are invited to spend a few days with us during staff week as we clean, organize, and prepare for merit badge sessions.  Staff arrives at camp on Sunday, June 18 through Saturday, June 24 to ready the camp.

Tents, cots and meals are provided for those that help.  Please RSVP no later than Saturday, June 10th with your name, contact info, and the days you will be with us to make sure we have food for all.   Email Brendan Kane at Violin179@cox.net or Kirsten Kopiczak at Kirsten.Kopiczak@scouting.org