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Nuts for Camping

Nuts for Camping 2018 Campaign

Tidewater Council partnered with Whitley’s Peanut Factory to go “Nuts for Camping” offering ten products for Scouting units.  T

The spring sale products will be available on March 1.

Nuts for Camping offers a flat 40% commission for all nut products sold.

Sell a Great Selection of Products

Name     # Oz  Price
Five Pack Gift Set  $55.00
Milk Chocolatey Caramel Peanut Delights 24 oz   40.00
Dark Chocolatey Peanut Cluster 24 oz 35.00
Salted Virginia Peanuts 20 oz 20.00
Honey Cinnamon Almonds 13 oz 20.00
Dark Chocolatey Almond Clusters 10 oz 20.00
Salted Jumbo Cashews 12 oz 20.00
Party and Pub Mix 10.5 oz 15.00
Homemade Peanut Brittle 10 oz  15.00
Milk Chocolatey Covered Peanut Clusters 10 oz 15.00

Tools for Unit Convenience

The order form will be posted when it is received from Whitley’s – check back!