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Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those individuals who have made provisions in their estates or have made a current contribution to the Tidewater Council Endowment Fund at the minimum level of $5,000. Gold Members have completed their pledges, while Silver Members have made provisions in their estates.

In 1946, Mrs. David H. Goodman gave $1,000 to the Tidewater Council because she had a strong desire to see our Council prosper well into the future. This money was not, however, put in the trust fund because camp needed the money far more than the other operations of the Council at that time. She agreed, and the donation went to support the facilities at a camp then known as Panther Landing in Currituck County.

During the late 1940’s, the Tidewater Council Executive Board discussed the establishment of a trust fund for the future of Scouting. That fund was created in 1950.  Today, and not tomorrow, is the time to do something about insuring the future of our Scouting program. The National Council, Boy Scouts of America has encouraged local Councils to remain strong financial entities by increasing the size of our Endowment Funds.

Today we enjoy the Scouting program in the Tidewater Council because many individuals have given their time, energy, and talents to Scouting. The power of the Endowment Fund is the power to know that Scouting will remain firmly rooted within our community.

Thank you to Tidewater Council’s Heritage Society members:

Gold Members
Jack Parker Barnes*
Hugh Larry Dougherty*
Daniel W. Duncan*
Richard B. Emanuel
Charles Glanville*
Robert C. Goodman
Hap C. Hoy*
Frances Vaughan Hunt
Ernest J. Kaltenbach
O. Frank Kattwinkel*
Arther Jerome Lilienfeld*
J. T. Timmons*
Hugh L. Vaughan*
Emma Lou Vaughan*
Silver Members
Stacy E. Apelt
Stuart Birkel
Thomas Callahan
W. Lawrence Daniels
Joe Dijulio*
Jeffrey Gardner
Thomas Jones
Robert Liberman
Cliffton S. Middleton, Jr.
Richard E. Nottingham
Edward E. O’Brien
Jacqueline Peters
M. Powell Peters
John Scanelli
Stuart Stone
Dr. “Doc” Thrush
Kent Weber*
Brian P. Winfield
Steven E. Winter

* Indicates deceased

If you would like more information on how you can leave various types of gifts to Scouting, including: insurance, wills, a current cash gift, or gifts of appreciated property, please contact us.