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Bayside Journey to Excellence

What is the Journey to Excellence

The Journey to Excellence (JTE) is a way to assess how well your unit is delivering the program of Scouting to your youth.  Your unit is measured against a set of criteria that has been proven make a high performing unit. Most of the critieria is asking what your unit is doing to make the program fun and exciting for the youth. You can download scorecards and Excel workbooks at www.scouting.org/jte.

Scroll down to find out how the district is doing on JTE.  The District is evaluated monthly.

Each unit is measured on 11 different criteria, and the total points from all criteria give you the score for the year. Here are the components that are in all programs:

1. Planning and Budget – Have a program plan and budget that is regularly reviewed by the unit committee
2. Building the unit – Have your had an increase in membership?
3. Retention – Retain a significant percentage of youth
4. Webelos to Scout Transition – Have an effective plan to graduate Webelos into a Troop
5. Advancement – Achieve a high percentage of rank advancements.
6. Service Projects – Service to the community is key in Scouting. Do a Good Turn Daily. This helps to teach the youth that they can improve their community. Don’t forget to document them on the Good Turn webpage.
7. Leadership – The unit is proactive in recruiting sufficient leaders
8. Training – All leaders are trained
9.  Annual Charter Renewal – Work with your Unit Commissioner to turn in your completed charter on time.

2016 Journey to Excellence Unit Status

Here is how the units stand at the end of 2016.

Gold Units (Top 10% of units in the nation)

  • Crew 490 St Gregory the Great Catholic Church
  • Pack 003 Lincoln Military Housing (Ben Morel)
  • Pack 024 Larchmont UMC
  • Pack 028 Church of the Ascension (Episcopal)
  • Pack 062 Scott Memorial UMC
  • Pack 067 Lincoln Military Housing
  • Pack 180 Wesley Memorial UMC
  • Pack 191 Saint John Lutheran
  • Pack 375 Old Donation Episcopal Church
  • Pack 376 Calvin Presbyterian
  • Pack 382 St Pius X Catholic Church
  • Pack 482 Lynnhaven UMC
  • Pack 490 St Gregory the Great Catholic Church
  • Pack 493 Wycliffe Presbyterian
  • Troop 005 Episcopal Church of the Advent
  • Troop 024 Larchmont UMC
  • Troop 062 Scott Memorial UMC
  • Troop 063 Francis Ashbury UMC
  • Troop 079 ADS Inc.
  • Troop 363 Haygood UMC
  • Troop 364 Bayside Presbyterian
  • Troop 372 Thalia UMC
  • Troop 375 Old Donation Episcopal Church
  • Troop 376 Calvin Presbyterian
  • Troop 481 St Aidens Episcopal
  • Troop 490 St Gregory the Great Catholic
  • Troop 493 Wycliffe Presbyterian
  • Troop 587 Church of the Holy Family Catholic
  • Troop 775 Pembroke Manor Community Church

Silver Units (Next 45% of the units in the nation)

  • Pack 077 First Baptist Church ( E Bute St.)
  • Pack 419 Kings Grant Presbyterian
  • Troop 077 First Baptist (E Bute St)
  • Troop 180 Wesley Memorial UMC

Bronze Units (Next 30% of the units in the nation)

  • Troop 001 Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Troop 381 St Pius X Catholic Church
  • Troop 419 Kings Grant Presbyterian
  • Troop 628 Christ the King Catholic Church

Units that did not qualify or submit a scorecard

  • Crew 062 The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC
  • Crew 364 Bayside Presbyterian Church
  • Pack 031 First Presbyterian (Norfolk)
  • Pack 063 Francis Ashbury UMC
  • Pack 364 Bayside Presbyterian
  • Pack 406 Church of the Holy Family
  • Pack 600 First Presbyterian (Virginia Beach)
  • Pack 628 Christ the King Catholic Church
  • Pack 775 Pembroke Manor Church
  • Troop 070 Grace Episcopal
  • Troop 191 Saint John Lutheran

District Status

The Bayside district ended March a Journey to Excellence Gold level district which puts us in the top 10% of districts in the nation.

  • Finance – Bronze, by raising more than same time last year
  • Finance Manpower – Bronze, 10 volunteers helping
  • Market Share – Unrated, no change
  • Membership Growth – Gold; up 16% from last year
  • New Member Recruiting – Bronze; up with 12 new Boy Scouts
  • Youth Retention – Silver; with 74.46% retained
  • Cub Scout Advancement – Silver
  • Boy Scout Advancement – Gold
  • Cub Scout Camping – Bronze with 41.66% of the Cubs camping a decrease of 29%
  • Boy Scout Camping – Bronze with 59.3% of the Boy Scouts camping, a decrease of 40%
  • Community Service – Gold with 2.16 man-hours per Scout documented
  • Unit Retention – Gold at 97.36% of the units re-chartered
  • Unit Contacts – Gold with 77.08% of the units being visited twice by a Unit Commissioner
  • Unit Performance – Gold with 74% of units achieving a JTE status
  • District Committee – Unrated; we have key openings on the committee
  • Unit Leadership Trained – Gold at 100% of direct contact leaders trained