Popcorn 2013 - Reach for the Stars! 

Updated:  11/14/2013



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Order forms are in and available for pick up at the Service Center or CLICK HERE to download (get the pictures on the outside by clicking here)


Have the greatest Scouting year ever! 

History tells the story; units can and have funded the entire year with a well planned and executed popcorn sale.  Council supported money-earning programs are the only NO RISK opportunity available.  The unit investment is time, no upfront money, no contracts that put the unit at risk -


How does a unit build a successful sale?  Planning and communication is the short answer.

  • Plan a program

    Start the process with the unit program

    • Build a calendar

    • Decide on events and outings (if it isn't planned, it won't happen)

    • PLAN on every member advancing or earning recognition

  • Build a budget

  • Setting goals for a successful sale (one that will finance the whole plan and unit registration)

  • Communicating the plan, budget and goals to members and their families

  • Encouraging and rewarding success

  • CELEBRATING the end of the sale and enjoying a full year of fun - with no more fundraising!

Keep visiting the popcorn website to check out this year's success stories as the sale goes forward.  Don't let a single person in Tidewater say they did not have a chance to support Boy Scouts in their community because they weren't asked to buy popcorn!  Popcorn is available now! 


Welcome to Popcorn 2013!

Popcorn selling units earn 38% as a flat rate

Commission begins on the first dollar of direct sales and is available in the unit budget immediately.  The process has been streamlined to make popcorn sales even more user-friendly and an Excel spreadsheet is on the website (or fillable PDF) to recap take order sales.


NEW for 2013

         Optional internet sale at 30% commission with direct shipment to purchaser

         Products (see product page with pictures and prices)

         Easier forms


The individual prize program is designed to supplement a unit incentive plan.   Build a great sale by developing a unit incentive program; recognize Scouts early and often for their success.








Individual popcorn sales patch



Custom Tidewater Council sports item of your choice basketball, football, baseball, hockey stick, first come first served limited to stock on hand



Zyclone Z-Ring Blaster  



Two 2014 tickets to Scout Night with the Norfolk Tides and Scout Night with the Admirals



Pecatonica Popcorn Incentive $200 Best Buy Gift Card OR selection from 5 designated items



Pecatonica Popcorn Incentive $400 Best Buy Gift Card OR selection from 3 designated items (If you earn this level you do not get level E)


Council Top 3

Special prizes in addition to the above stated items


This is a progressive prize chart.  Once a level is achieved, the selling Scout receives all items before it (exception level F and higher exclude level E).  For example, at the $3,000 level you will get all items A through E as stated.  If you reach level G, you get all items from A to G, except for level E. 



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